What Sets Joshua Poe Photography Apart?

We Believe in Backups

  • Photo Backups: When we take pictures, our cameras record to 2 locations at the same time. ASAP, we will backup images to a local hard-drive and to the cloud.
  • Backup Cameras & Gear. Our photographer will have at least 2 cameras and will have backup batteries, cards & equipment. 

Why do we take backups so seriously? We’ve heard stories of photographers getting their gear stolen or even losing all of their photos due to file corruption. It’s not if something is going to go bad, it’s when… and we want to be as prepared as possible. We’ve personally dealt with file corruption and have spent thousands sending our hard drives to a data recovery center only to have part of the files recoverable. The investment you’re making into capturing the moment is also an investment to make sure your photos are safe.

Our Photo Editing

  • World-Class Training & Connections. Joshua has spent time with professional photographers all over the world, from Yellowstone to Costa Rica. Through the years, he has learned many tip ands tricks and he’s always looking to learn more.
  • Faster than Normal Turn Around Time. Many photographers have a 2-3 month turn-around time on photos. We don’t blame them, because a photographer’s job isn’t done when the wedding’s over, for photographers… that’s when a lot of the work begins! For Joshua Poe Photography, for every 1 hour of shooting – it takes 4-5 hours of editing. The current turnaround time is 2-weeks.
  • Every Photo is Edited. Yes, you read that right. Many photographers will show you all the photos and ask you which ones are your favorite, then they will edit the picks. When we deliver your files, they have been hand picked, edited and something you’d be proud to print and share.